Everything is a Journey

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Brittany "Bunny" Urick is a Certified Massage Therapist (CAMTC#75692) and Certified Crystal Reiki Master who currently resides in East Los Angeles.

Through her knowledge of the scientific and metaphysical, Bunny provides a holistic approach to healing for each client - targeting the body, mind, and spirit - and the connection between them all.

Combining Eastern and Western massage and energy techniques, Bunny tailors every treatment session to each individual’s needs. The studio is open to all people and all bodies.

Bunny holds a safe and judgment-free space, facilitating her clients’ self-healing with an open heart and hands. She has a daily meditation practice, loves practicing yoga, and spends her free time creating healing art spaces, connecting with nature, and continuing to study the mysteries of life.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
— Arthur C. Clarke

The Studio

Your Own Private Haven.


Built from love, our private wellness studio in Highland Park allows you to come home to yourself. The Three Hands Therapy studio is equipped with Aromatherapy, Heat Therapy, Chromotherapy, Tarot, Sacred Cleansing, and an ever growing tea selection. We use the highest quality organic massage gel: a nourishing blend of jojoba and shea butter. All essential oils are 100% therapeutic grade. Before every session, the studio is cleansed and blessed. Every treatment is infused with Reiki energy.


Love Notes from Clients:

Bunny is an extremely gifted and intuitive body-worker. She has created a beautiful and safe space for her work and clientele which is reflective of her care, respect, and passion for the work that she does. Bunny is able to instinctively sense energy, give extra attention to physical and energetic places of need, and set you on the path for healing. I highly recommend Three Hands! Support local women business owners!
— Leila Jarman
My experience with Three Hands Therapy was so easy and relaxing. From the moment I set foot in the space the mood was set and calmness set in.
Aroma and chromotherapy were accented by plants and soft materials, the temperature in the room was just right. Before the appointment Bunny asks medical questions in regards to the massage, but also ones that help her personalize the experience to each client. I felt very cared for with this individualized session. The massage was a wonderful balance of serene soothing touch and deep tissue muscle work. I felt lighter, more tranquil, and my body had released the tension I had been holding onto physically. I would wholeheartedly recommend Three Hands Therapy.
— Marissa Lynn
Bunny is wonderful! I enjoyed her delightful combination of body work and energy healing. She is a beautiful soul who helps you get in tune with your own self. Definitely planning on another session!
— Lia M.