Everything is a Journey


Brittany "Bunny" Urick has been working in the healing arts since 2008. She received her Bachelor’s in Humanistic Psychology at UC Santa Cruz in 2012 and after studying Tarot for many years, was drawn to deepening her knowledge of the mind-body-spirit connection.

In 2015 Bunny was certified in Reiki and soon after she became a Certified Massage Therapist (CAMTC#75692) and Health Educator with over 1000+ hours of training from the National Holistic Institute in Studio City. Bunny provides a holistic approach to treatment for each client with the knowledge that everything in the body is connected. Using classic Swedish, Deep Tissue, MFT, Joint Mobilization, Acupressure, Stretching, Rocking and Shaking, and Trigger Point Therapy techniques, Bunny tailors every treatment session to each individual’s needs. She works to provide sessions that are both relaxing and therapeutic, allowing clients' to ground back into their bodies, thus allowing them to heal.

Her mantra is "All bodies are good bodies." Bunny believes that with the proper facilitation, trusting and listening compassionately to pain, the body readily heals itself. Bunny holds a safe and judgment-free space, facilitating clients’ self-healing with an open heart and hands. She has a daily meditation practice and loves practicing yoga and hiking.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
— Arthur C. Clarke

The Studio

Your Own Private Haven.


Built from love, our private wellness studio in Highland Park allows you to come home to yourself. The Three Hands Therapy studio is equipped with Aromatherapy, Heat Therapy, Chromotherapy, Tarot, Sacred Cleansing, and an ever growing tea selection. We use the highest quality organic massage gel: a nourishing blend of jojoba and shea butter. All essential oils are 100% therapeutic grade. Before every session, the studio is cleansed and blessed. Every treatment is infused with Reiki energy.

The name, Three Hands Therapy, encompasses two major cornerstones for Bunny’s mission. The first is the desire to serve with both hands and her heart (the third hand). The second is that each hand represents a different level (1) mind - (2) body - (3) spirit - combining to create that which is whole and integrated in all of us.

With these three hands, Bunny seeks to help clients increase their body awareness, their inner compass, and support them in finding their own personal sense of balance.


Love Notes from Clients: