Reiki promotes harmony and balance in the chakras, emotional body, physical body, and mental body. Each session allows for deep relaxation, allowing the body to release stress and tension. Reiki naturally dissolves any energy blockages that may be hindering the body, mind, & spirit connection. Every treatment shifts the nervous system into parasympathetic mode, increasing detoxification and improving the immune system. Aids in sleep, natural healing states, and pain relief. 

 60 MINUTES $95 •90 MINUTES $135



Give yourself the premium treatment. Combines energy and massage work in an all-in-one session. Fully integrate and regenerate your health, mind, body, & soul. Prepare for a deep dive into self-healing and discovery. 

 90 MINUTES $150 •120 MINUTES $200



Amplify your experience and add a 3-Card Tarot Reading, a Guided Meditation, Cupping, a Castor Oil Treatment, or Acupressure to your session.



Save yourself some energy exchange and purchase a package.
Save $10 every time on your monthly session or treatment.


Customized Massage and/or Reiki brought to your home. Must call to book. Travel fee may apply.

90 MINUTES $200 • 120 MINUTES $250

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