Maximize Your Benefits

To gain maximum benefit from your treatment please read and follow the following guidelines 24 hours before and after each session. This allows for deeper reception and retention energetically / physically / spiritually.

• Drink plenty of water. This aids in healthy cell regeneration, increases oxygen delivery to cells, acts as a shock absorber for cerebral-spinal fluid, reduces muscle soreness, reduces mental fatigue, and helps the body eliminate toxins

• Avoid alcohol, smoking, caffeine, heavy foods (meat, dairy, fried), hot/spicy food, and high-sugar food. Eat light healthy meals to encourage holistic and natural healing in the body

• Avoid strenuous activity (high-intensity work-outs, calling your ex, etc.) and gift yourself with relaxation and activities that you enjoy  


• For sustained results, book regular treatments and practice the take-home care and health advice given by your professional practitioner(s) 

• After deep tissue massage, soreness is expected within the first 72 hours. Sometime you may feel worse before you feel better. Your body is healing into its' new alignment! 

• Do not receive any other treatments for 48 hours 

• Avoid direct sunlight, sunbeds and heat (e.g. saunas) for 48 hours after treatment  

It is not unusual to experience any of the following reactions post treatment.

Cold-like symptoms; increased sweating; stuffy, blocked or runny nose; heightened emotions – high or low (e.g. crying or elation); feeling sleepy & fatigued or deeply relaxed; feeling irritable; feeling energized; temporary worsening of symptoms; increased thirst; increased urination; sounder sleep. 



If you have any concerns please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for investing in and trusting us with your well-being!